Upload Season 2 Premiere Recap: 'Goodbye, Angel' — Plus, Grade It!

In Upload‘s Season 2 premiere, Nora still hasn’t heard from Nathan, and the ghosting goes both ways

The half-hour starts with Nora ditching Byron and hoping into another car with her dad, who takes her to the Ludd camp

Nora ditches her phone on a tree branch in the woods — and eat actual food grown in the ground from heirloom seeds.

Nathan is finally released from 2 Gig now that Ingrid is done redecorating their suite (their bed is “the width of a king

but the length of a queen,” she explains) and calls for his angel

She then asks Nathan if he fell in love with another upload. He admits that he had feelings for someone, but it’s over

Ingrid isn’t completely surprised by his confession. “You’re great. A lot of people are gonna love you

NYC Cyber Crimes Unit detective is looking into the elevator death from last season, and he suspects it’s a possible homicide.