Netflix map shows where Ryan Reynolds filmed "The Adam Project" in Canada

Canadian star Ryan Reynold’s latest film, The Adam Project, is already available to watch on your favourite streaming platform, and keen-eyed viewers thought the setting looked familiar.

Netflix In Your Neighbourhood, an interactive online map that shows you exactly where some of its hottest projects were filmed, has been updated to show The Adam Project‘s filming locations in Metro Vancouver.

The best part is that you can visit these places in real life. Also, if you live in Vancouver or have visited

you’ve probably already been to one of the filming locations for The Adam Project and just didn’t know it.

Where was The Adam Project filmed?

The Adam Project was filmed in Vancouver, BC. Netflix’s new map shows a ton of real-life filming locations for the movie all around Vancouver.

“Vancouver’s lush forests and mountainous vistas made it a compelling location for intense “time jet” battles and time-travel sequences, as well as a serene setting for emotional family reunions throughout the film,” said Netflix.

Carefully chosen charming corners of Vancouver were picked as part of the filming locations.

Here are a few The Adam Project filming locations you might recognize on the map:

1. Vancouver Convention Centre 2. University of British Columbia 3. H.R. MacMillan Space Centre 4. The Blarney Stone 5. Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 6. Shoppers Drug Mart, West Vancouver 7. The Beach House Restaurant, West Vancouver

After you’ve watched the movie, you can spend an afternoon wandering around Vancouver, and it’ll feel like you’re really on the set of a blockbuster.