Trump lawyers race against deadline in special master dispute – live | Mar-a-Lago

The department of justice’s investigation into the government secrets found at Mar-a-Lago ground to a halt after a Trump-appointed federal judge last week granted an order for a special master to oversee the documents.

The government is demanding that its access to the documents be restored, or it will take the matter up to a higher court. Trump’s lawyers are expected to make their counterargument in the filing due at 10 am.

It’s a tortuous case, and here are more details from The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell about just what the government is asking:

The filings amounted to a forceful response against the decision by the judge – a Trump appointee – to give unusually deferential treatment to Trump on account of his status as a former president.

The justice department focused on the classified documents in its motion to stay the order barring it from reviewing the seized materials, arguing that Trump did not have “possessory interest” for the records – the key legal standard at issue – and were themselves the subject of the investigation.

Even if Trump attempted to make an executive privilege argument to set aside the classified documents from the evidence cache, the government argued, he could not say that he had a “possessory interest” for classified documents that belonged to the state.

Meanwhile, the Senate intelligence committee wants its own briefing on what was found at Mar-a-Lago. “Some of the documents involved human intelligence, and if that information got out people will die,” Mark Warner, the committee’s Democratic chair, said on Sunday. “If there were penetration of our signals intelligence, literally years of work could be destroyed.”

But the judge’s order also means it’s unclear when that briefing could happen.

Key events

Trump to fire latest salvo in legal wrangling over Mar-a-Lago search

Good morning, US politics blog readers. Lawyers for Donald Trump are up against a 10am ET deadline to submit their response to the government’s appeal of a judge’s order allowing a special master to handle documents taken from Mar-a-Lago. The filing will be the latest – but certainly not the last – in the legal wrangling over the FBI’s search of Trump’s Florida resort last month, and what they can do with the documents they found. Meanwhile, Congress is back in session, with Democrats looking to make the most of what may be their last few months controlling both the House and Senate ahead of November midterm elections that will decide control of the chambers.

Here’s what else is happening today:

  • President Joe Biden is heading to Boston, where he will deliver remarks on both last year’s infrastructure investment bill at 12.45pm, and on his administration’s “goal of ending cancer as we know it” at 4pm.

  • Congress has a ton on its plate, including a new spending agreement to keep federal agencies open, a request from the White House for $47bn for everything from Ukraine aid to Covid relief, and a bill that would head off efforts – mulled by Trump – to make federal employees easier to fire.

  • Top administration officials are in Mexico City for the US Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue between the two major trading partners, including secretary of state Antony Blinken and commerce secretary Gina Raimondo.

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